The red badge can be set to show the current day or the week number or other calendar information
See Badge, Hide & Show

for detailed instructions how to enable.

Scroll time with

 Interval to scroll time, varying from 1 minute to 1 hour.

Check overlaps

This setting is only applicable if you are using an iCloud or Exchange calendar.

Calendars to be ignored can be selected here as well.

Directly start typing

On / Off

Support Icons

On / Off

Multiple Calendars

Allows you to save events in more than one calendar

Auto Complete

On / Off

Inline Editing

When enabled, the title, location, notes and icon in a popup bubble can be edited inline by tapping on them.

Enable device rotation

On / Off


Default, is equal to iOS system language or manually selectable

Synchronize Settings

  • Settings
  • Templates
  • Auto Colors
  • Auto Icons
  • Custom Colors
  • Action Menu
  • History

Backup Settings via Email

Travel time

  • Type: None, Car or Walking
  • Home Address or Current Location
  • Show Map in Event Details

Contacts Linking

On / Off

Synchronize Colors

On / Off

In iOS there is no standard database field where colors can be stored.

To enable you to synchronize custom colors among different iOS devices these custom colors are stored in the Notes field, see screen print.


If you are using custom colors but don't want this color to be stored in the Notes field just turn OFF Synchronize Colors.

Send anonymous usage data

On / Off

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