Color Settings

App supports several color settings, each with their own priority.

Color Types & Priority:

  1. Custom Color
  2. Default Custom Color
  3. Auto Color
  4. Calendar Color

Custom Color
When you create a new event, in the add event screen if you scroll down you can change the color by selecting the Custom Color field.

Default Custom Color
Go to app Settings > New events & Templates > New Event Default > Default Custom Color

Auto Color
Go to app Settings > Auto colors > Add New Item.
For more information on Auto Colors please see Auto Colors & Auto Icons

Calendar Color (iPhone)
Tap the Settings (Gear) icon and select Calendars.
Tap the blue button next to the calendar whose color you want to change.

Calendar Color (iPad)
Tap the second left button on the title bar to view the calendar list.
Tap the button next to a calendar to edit its settings. Modify the Color field.

Colors don't appear to work

Please make sure the custom color field is set to ‘None’ when creating new events.
Custom Colors overrule Auto Colors / Calendar Colors.
You can set the default custom color to None in
Settings > New events & templates > New event defaults > Default custom color

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